Phil Barden Decode 2020
Phil Barden is a proven marketer with over 25 years' experience, including senior and international roles at high profile companies such as Unilever, Diageo and T-Mobile. Fascinated by the insights from decision science and by the value these can bring to marketing, he quit his international brand director post in order to immerse himself in this new field. He is now one of very few experts to combine a practitioner's perspective with a profound knowledge of decision science, making him very much in demand among clients and conference organisers alike. In this book he bridges the gap between the world of marketing and decision science, taking the reader on his fascinating journey.

Phil wrote this book because his mental model for consumer behaviour and brand management system was significantly shaken four years ago when Vice-President Brand Development for T-Mobile. He was confronted by a totally new mental model for marketing and consumer decision making based on decision science: the conclusions from the latest collective learnings from neuroscience, behavioural economics, cognitive and social psychology. This offers new explanations of consumer behaviour, and it disproves some of the very basic assumptions that marketers make about how consumers decide. It provides a profound framework for marketing – from brand strategy and positioning, through to innovation, advertising and interactive media.

Phil would like to thank his colleagues Dr Christian Scheier, Dr Dirk Held and Steve Baily for their contributions to this book.


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